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Call for Papers

“Inspiring the Future Generation”

October 26-27, 2024 

In this year’s 3rd Annual Small Satellite Education Conference, we embark on a journey to inspire the future generation of students in the dynamic realm of space technology and small satellites. Together, let us explore the boundless opportunities and innovations that await, as we ignite the passion for exploration and discovery among the bright minds who will shape the future of space exploration.

The 2024 SmallSat Education Conference will have the following four tracks. Some sub-topics are listed below as suggestions only and not inclusive descriptors. If you have a story to share, we’d love to hear from you!

Systems Engineering and Mission Management

Innovative ways to perform systems engineering and/or mission management. Let’s share how we can manage small satellite programs better, both from professional engineering and also in school programs. 

Example subtopics:

  • Design, Integration, and Testing

  • Machine Learning and Data

  • Implementation of Computer Vision

  • Other


Science Missions and Payloads 

Innovative missions and payloads that are under development, on the launch pad, or have flown. Tell us how your payload or mission is advancing the current state of technology.

Example subtopics:

  • Astronomical, Biological, Space Weather mission

  • Tech Demonstrations

  • Pre-college Student payloads

  • Other

High Altitude Balloon/SmallSat Education

We would like to hear your success stories and other interesting things you’ve experienced. Tell us about your programs and share your stories with us.


Example subtopics:

  • Lessons learned, success stories

  • Introduction of programs

  • Broader community needs and outreach

  • Other


Advanced Technologies/ Techniques

New technologies and development techniques that can benefit the small satellite community. 


Example subtopics:     

  • Subsystem/payload designs

  • Novel testing and modeling methodologies

  • Technology Demonstrations 

  • Other

Abstracts due: August 23, 2024


Announcement of Selected


Papers: September 6, 2024


Presenter’s Slides due: October 16, 2024

For more information, email

Dr. Jin Kang,

pdf call for papers here.

Schedule Coming Soon!

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